India-Switzerland Relations: Everything You Need To Know

India and Switzerland have had good relations since ages and both have common interests in various fields. In this article, we discuss in detail the major aspects of India-Switzerland relations.

During the cold war era, India’s policy of Non-alignment and Switzerland’s traditional policy of neutrality has led to a close understanding between the two countries. In 1948, a Treaty of Friendship was concluded between both the countries. Both believe in the spirit of democracy and pluralism. From 1971 to 1976, Switzerland represented the interests of India over the dispute in Bangladesh.

India-Switzerland political and diplomatic relations


  • ince 2005, political dialogue has been conducted between both the nations.
  • Bilateral agreements in various fields including trade, education and vocational training, visas, taxation and cooperation in science and technology have done very well.
  • In 2018, Switzerland and India will celebrate the 70 years of the Indo-Swiss Bilateral Friendship Treaty of 1948.
  • There are VVIP visits along with foreign consular and special representatives.
  • The President of Switzerland announced his country’s support for India’s NSG membership.
  • Switzerland launched a programme “70 Years of Swiss-Indian Friendship: Connecting Minds —Inspiring the Future”.

Relations in education and research

  • Swiss Government prioritizes India in giving Excellence Scholarships.
  • India-Switzerland Joint Research Programme was conducted between the two countries.
  • Swissnex India programme connects Switzerland and India in the fields of science, education, art and innovation.
  • The various Swiss initiatives to introduce the Swiss Dual Vocational Educational System at a mass level in India are contributing to India ‘s development.
  • The Swiss Indian Chamber of Commerce has set up the Indo-Swiss Centre of Excellence in Pune which will focus on low energy buildings, sustainable water and waste solutions and renewable energy.

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