Dream UPsc Notes

IAS Study Materials and Notes for FREE

IAS Study Materials and Notes for FREE!

Dream UPSC was started with a vision of quality, but affordable online education, giving stress to self-study. This post contains links to all Dream UPSC online study materials, which are completely free. The strategy should be a mix of the online study materials, tips and guidance for UPSC provided in clearias.com with the offline study materials such as IAS textbooks and NCERT. You are free to share or print Dream UPSC study materials and notes for UPSC Exam preparation or self-use. All the best!

Free IAS Study Materials: [Prelims + Mains: Combined Approach]

  • Indian History Notes – Indian History and Culture.
  • Geography Notes – Indian and World Geography.
  • Economics Notes – Indian Economy.
  • Indian Polity Notes – Constitution, Social Justice etc.
  • General Science Notes – Science and Technology.
  • Environment Notes – Biodiversity, Climate Change etc.
  • Current Affairs Notes – National and international.

Free IAS Study Materials for Additional areas in GS Mains

  • World History Notes – GS paper 1.
  • Indian Society Notes – GS paper 1.
  • Foreign Relations Notes – GS paper 2.
  • International Affairs Notes – GS paper 2.
  • Internal Security Notes – GS paper 3.
  • Disaster Management Notes – GS paper 3.
  • Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude Notes – GS paper 4.

UPSC Mains Special – Paper-wise Study Materials

  • Essay Paper
  • GS 1 Paper
  • GS 2 Paper
  • GS 3 Paper
  • GS 4 Paper